Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gaurd Hopper

Gimme and Mulligan love to play outside, and I wouldn't care so much if they did (we have grass now!) but we don't have a fence, and Gimme isn't afraid to wander a few blocks away from home, so I try to keep them inside unless I can go out there with them. Well, this morning, the kids wanted to go outside and I was getting ready to go out there with them, but neither of them would set foot out the door because there was a grasshopper on the step. Both were too spooked to go out fearing the huge hopper would "bite" them. So instead of scarring the thing away, I took advantage of the few minutes to write this. I'm afraid this grasshopper thing might be too easy. I can get a whole package of grasshoppers at the dollar store, set them out on the steps, and then sit down and figure out how to customize the background on this blog. The kids would never know............

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