Friday, August 15, 2008

See? All FIVE of us!

Well, there we are. The five of us. That's the best we could do for a picture in the 90 degree heat after a long day at church...well sacrament meeting at least.

I'm holding our little 19 month boy, Mulligan, Ace is holding the newest addition to the fam--Birdie (2 months), and Gimme, our 4 year old, is standing there in front. I think we're mostly excited about standing on grass. For the past 3 months we haven't had grass, just dirt. So the fact that we have a lawn to stand on is really great for us!

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Steve and Kim....... said...

you really do suck. there isn't anything FAT about quit telling me that you are some giant blob who is stuck in her recliner. YOU DINK! my sister lives in ammon...just down the road from the elementary. are you close to there? i can't wait to come see you. and im so glad you started a blog. i just started one like a month ago