Monday, November 14, 2016


This year, I'm helping out in the PTO at my kids school.  I feel like it's a small portion to give back to the faculty and staff that do so much for my children.

With this PTO gig, comes lots of flyers and lots of organizing...Not to brag, but I'm spot on with flyers.  ;) The organizing part...well...that comes with a little more work.  ;)  I need a wall size calendar to keep track of everything.  Ha!!

This year, the PTO set a goal to raise money to get a nice path put in around the school yard so that students and the community could have a place to go to walk, run, and enjoy!  We sold engraved plaques to hang on the memorial sign (built by our principal)  that is set up next to the path.

We acheived our goal and now, there is a path where I can run while my kids play on the toys at the playground.  It was a huge accomplishement and lots and lots of time and effort went into the project by the other PTO president, the principal, and the faculty and staff.  I love, LOVE this school so much!

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