Thursday, September 22, 2016

Boys. Twin boys.

You know that one song that was kinda popular not to long ago?  Something about, "Let me take a selfie"...?  Double Bogey must have had that song in his head when he took my phone and took over 200 selfies.  He's perfected the "duck lips".  I don't even know how many tries it took, I didn't count.

Here I just put together a small sampling of his selfies.

You're so welcome.

The following day, Bogey donned his swim suit to go play in the water outside.  It was 60 degrees!  It's kindergarten when they learn about seasonal changes, right?  Good.  We're fine then.  He's still pre-k, so it's FINE!

I had no idea what I had waiting for me when these boys were born.  I thought they would just be cute, cuddly, and quiet all of the time.  So far, that has not been the case.

However, for some crazy reason, I wouldn't change a single thing!!

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