Monday, August 15, 2016

Here's the thing...

When I was growing up, Christmas Eve was a highlight of the year.  Our family, including my mom's brother and sisters and their spouses and children, met out at my Grandpa & Grandma Barrus's house.  There was a huge meal, singing, stories, and of course a visit from Mr. Clause.  I loved being with my cousins!

Another highlight of my childhood was going to my grandparent's house for sleepovers.  The weekends that I spent there with some of my siblings, or with my cousins, were the times that I bonded with them and my grandparents.

We fed their horses, played with the dog, and waded in the small ditch that ran along the pasture.  We played games like kick the can, spoons, and murder in the dark.  It was always a treat if we got dropped off at the Rainbow Cafe (my Grandparents business), on Friday night because that meant we got a burger and fries for dinner.  Grandma and grandpa always made sure our breakfast was as filling and fancy too.  Hot cakes, eggs, and bacon.

As the years trudged on, the Cafe closed.  All the cousins grew up and we went our separate ways--Christmas Eve's had to be spent in the church gym because there were  added generations.  In the years since Grandma and Grandpa Barrus passed away, it's been more and more difficult to get together.  Those cousins that I spent summers with at Grandma's became Facebook friends (That's not a horrible thing.  It's been perfect to at least be in touch!!).  Our reunions became sporadic , and we mostly convened at Walmart.

This past weekend, as a one last "hoorah" for summer, we got together for an official reunion.  My mom and her siblings reserved Darby and the cousins came...from PA, from Boise, from Driggs, from Shelley, from Pocatello, from Rigby, and from right here in town.  I was able to introduce my children to my cousins children and they played together.

As adults, we picked up right where we left off--reminiscing, talking, and laughing until the sun went down.

We played games and learned more about the grandparents that created this branch of incredible people.

It's a Barrus thing...

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