Wednesday, April 6, 2016

FORE! Actually, FOUR!

My babies are four.  Let's face it, they're going to be my babies regardless of their age.  I can't believe it's been four years of unlimited entertainment.  And by entertainment, I don't mean it's always been great [insert RED GUARD story here] and we've been pushed to our limits [insert 2 OPEN HEART SURGERIES here] but we have experienced so much joy and fun [insert any CUTE PICTURES here].

We are so blessed to have Bogey and Double Bogey in our family.

This is our pretend adopted dog Hammer.  Because he comes to our house sometimes, we don't have to get our own dog.

Every once in a while, they act like they love each other.

They look nothing alike, but they really are twins.

This hardly ever happens--both of them asleep at the same time.  I never could get them on the same schedule.

The birthday dinner at a restaurant tradition lives on.  The free ice cream keeps us coming back! 

Plus, being sung to by a bunch a people is also thrilling...

Always a party when you're 4.

Ace did an excellent job of building a sandbox for the boys.  That just meant that we had to take a trip to the sand dunes and everyone just loved that.  I'm still loving it every time I have to sweep the floor or vacuum loads of sand.  Always a good time.

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