Wednesday, December 16, 2015

David A. Again.

It's no secret that I love David Archuleta.  I mean, I have a t-shirt with his picture on it.  I'm a fan.  With my title as "Mother of the Year" I knew I needed to share the love of David with my girls.  My mom and sisters are also fans of David (I mean, they don't have t-shirts, but they're not afraid to admit they listen to him ;) ), so we all got tickets to his Christmas concert for our daughters and ourselves.  That made concert #3 in 3 months for me.  Again, I love the guy.

It was so fun for me to be with my girls at their first concert.  They could sing along to most of the songs, so in that moment, I knew I was doing something right as their mother.  (haha.)

All of my nieces were given one of David's tour posters, and they are required to hang it either in their bedroom, or in the front room of their home--whichever they wanted.  ;)  I'll be going around to make sure this has happened (there's your warning Annalea, Emily, Kinley, Raegan, and Madison!).

As luck would have it, when we went out to get a drink at intermission, we just happened to run into Gracie Schram--the girl who was on tour as David's opening act (I'm not really sure that's what I should be calling her).  She is such a nice girl.  I ended up buying her CD, and my girls have loved listening to it.  Birdie has finally worked her way out of being grounded.  She fell asleep during a portion of David's performance, so she spent some time in her room, copying the lyrics of the songs she slept through, onto paper.  (Guys.  I'm kidding.)

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