Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Break 2015

This year, Christmas morning did not disappoint.  We received plenty of gifts that will provide plenty of time together, and memories for a lifetime.  I am simple decorator.  No big fancy tree, not many lights, or other Christmas decorations (it makes it easier to take down and put away--on Christmas day even!!).  I do have lots of nativities, though.  Those are my favorite.  My goal is to get as many nativities to match my age.  Then, every year on my birthday, I'll get a new one.  Then, getting old will be so fun!!  

This year, we got our kids tickets to the movie on Christmas Day.  We went and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks (No--NOT Star Wars--).  Everyone was plenty entertained, and the popcorn and pop was a major bonus.  These spoiled, spoiled children! ;)  We absolutely loved spending every second with them.  

Two days after Christmas, Ace and I celebrate our anniversary.  This year marked 13 years together.  To celebrate, we went to the Jazz game (shout out to Ace's friend for the tickets!!).  It was the perfect transition to the basketball season.  I've been so wrapped up in college football, and I've been lingering in the football season since I WON the COLLEGE PICK 'EM league I was (the only girl) in .  I guess I just got so wrapped up in polishing that trophy I almost forgot that basketball has started. 

Gordon Hayward has made me a Utah Jazz fan.  I like him.  Plus he played for Butler the year I had them going all the way in March Madness (I only learned that as I researched him during the Jazz game), so really, I'm meant to be a fan of his.  ;)

I'm grateful my brother Doug and his family were willing to watch our kids so that Ace and I could have a few hours to celebrate.    

After the game we stayed at my brother's house.  My kids LOVE their Utah cousins.  They had so much fun playing "with actual toys" (Birdie's words.  Apparently, the stuff we have at our house is not really toys), and cats ("We'll never get cats"--again, Birdie's words--truer than true).   We are so thankful for the example that this family is to us.  We love, love, them. 
On our way home, I made everyone get out and walk around Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.

As a young girl, I remember doing that with my family every year.  It was one of my favorite family traditions.  The crisp, cold air, the shining lights, the gentle music playing as background to the recorded nativity story being told over the loud speakers.  We were bundled up in our hats, gloves, coats, and boots, trying to absorb every last drop of the special spirit that abides there, espically at Christmas time.  I loved it.

My kids?

--not having the same experience--

They were cold and tired.

We'll try again next year.

Ace and I did make it to our engagement spot, and the kids were entrigued knowing the exact spot where we got engaged.  Oh, the memories.  Temple Square will always have a special place in my heart.

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