Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

The following weekend, we loaded the van and took off, back to Utah.  This time to St. George.  We were looking for sunshine and roses!

The week of  Thanksgiving was spent with all of James' siblings.  We were only missing one member of the family, since he's serving a mission.

There was lots of shopping, laughing, football, and playing..oh and eating.  Lots of eating.  I always look forward to spending time with the family I married into. 

One of the highlights of the trip was attending the St. George temple.  With the Idaho Falls temple being closed, I haven't been very good attending the temple.  But, being there with my husband and his siblings and in-laws, was refreshing.  I'm thankful for temples.  I'm thankful for forever families. 

We had such a great week.  It was hard to say goodbye to our friends.  We don't see them nearly often enough.  I love that even though there is distance between us, when we get together, we can just pick up where we left off. 

Now, please excuse the onslaught of photos. 

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