Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sleep Study

Bogey had to have a sleep study done last night to find his “baseline” sleep pattern because he needs to have another palate surgery that can cause sleep apnea.  They’ll have to then go in again and try to correct the apnea to try to get him back to his baseline.  Make sense?

I think that after experiencing the sleep study and open heart surgery, Bogey would prefer the heart surgery.  I think I felt better with the heart surgery too.  The sleep study was miserable, and it couldn’t end fast enough.  I’m not sure how they get any accurate results from such studies, with wires taped all over, and a video camera recording everything.  Can you say PRESSURE?  

sleep study

As soon as Stanford gets the results of the sleep study, we’ll probably be scheduling another surgery, and trip to the Golden State.

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