Friday, August 7, 2015

An Offical, Unoffical Reunion

This year, my side of the family didn't have the traditional family reunion, because next year is going to be the humdinger of family reunions as we meet in Nauvoo, and then drive the Pioneer trail back home.  We decided to save $$ this year and just go with an unofficial get together when the Beans from Oklahoma arrived for their annual visit.

Ace sponsored a Glow in the Dark Golf tournament and some of the family played in that.  Yes.  Golf in the dark, with a glow in the dark  ball. Why not?

Oklahoma Nephew

When the Bean's come from Oklahoma, Grandpa and Grandma Hart's house becomes the hub of all activity--birthday parties, DubSmash presentations, and three generations of New York Yankee fan's watching the game.

And no family get together is a get together without a little hoop on the hardwood.  (You know we're getting old when it's only the grand kids that can be fueled by Chuck Arama, and get in a couple solid hours of ball.)

We also had a "ball" at the picnic.


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