Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The days of Summer

Oh hey.  In case anyone was wondering, summer is in full swing.  I mean, who doesn't want summer to last forever?  I know for a fact that I've got two boys who could live in diapers and slip-on's without a care in the world.  (Unfortunately for them, that potty train is coming...)
 We've loved the flexibility of our piano lesson time slot.  It's been great going to grandpa and grandma's house for popsicles, The Price is Right, and Disney Jr.  Learning to play the piano is the added bonus!!

 Mulligan finally learned how to ride his bike.  He honestly has not cared one bit to learn to ride a bike until this summer.  He had to work really hard, and practice so much, but he finally got it.  


We've read more this summer than we have in all our other summers combined.  Our friends in the neighborhood started a Book Club and this summer has been the "BINGO" edition.  Gimme has had to read to someone younger.  Her siblings have loved it--especially Bogey and Double Bogey.  They could listen to her read for hours.

But hey, it hasn't been ALL fun and games...the kids have worked a little too...they've washed cars, mowed the lawn (or at least started...then my OCD kicks in and I take over so that I can straighten out the lines...) and done inside chores (with the promise of "friend time" as their reward for finishing).

I've done a little work myself this summer.  I painted the bathroom...I'm pretty sure I could use this design on every wall in my house. 

It's going to be so sad when the days begin to shorten, and the sun's rays become a little more distant. 

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