Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One of those Days

When people say, “Ugh.  It’s just one of those days?”  You know it means something crazy happened. 


Lately, I feel like “just one of those days” happens every day.  So in my case, if I were to use this term correctly, you’d automatically assume, my day was unusual, and something crazy happened…


…like, my boys stayed dry.



Or, I didn’t have to sweep my floor 28 times



Perhaps it was “just one of those days” when Bogey and Double Bogey actually played together for a couple of seconds…



…so I didn’t have to follow them around everywhere they went to clean up their mess(es)



“Just one of those days” for me would go without my son trying to break a leg or arm on purpose, so that he can have a cast, like the neighbor.  (Instead, he just pretends to have a cast and he signs it himself…)




If I was having “one of those days”, my children would all come running for dinner the first time I asked, and I wouldn’t have to gather them like “herding cats” when it was time to come inside for the day.



But, c’mon, let’s be real.  I wouldn’t be able to function on “those days”, plus, I’d be stuck doing extra productive things, like laundry and dishes.  My house would look like no one lived here…and in about 15 years, what in the world would I look back on and laugh about? 

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