Friday, June 6, 2014

Lest we forget…

Today I felt grateful to have my little buddy wrapped around my leg.  I didn’t mind his high pitched scream, and I didn’t complain about his feeding tube either. 


Because two years ago, I longed to hear his cry.  I couldn’t hold him.  After an 11 hour, open heart surgery, his little hand barely had the strength to wrap around my finger.

post surg
My gratitude cannot be expressed in words.  Not only was Bogey’s life saved, but my life was changed for the better.
I love this little guy.


Lucretia said...

How can people NOT love your little guy! He is so full of personality and he's so so sweet!

Justin and Kristin said...

So glad he is here to scream at you! Glad you made it through all the surgeries!