Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who’s the Boss?

I know.  I posted yesterday. 

You may be wondering why I all of the sudden have time to be blogging again. 

Well, I’m the boss.  That’s why.

This morning Birdie was washing dishes.  Ace came out and told her it was about time she did some work around the place. 

She looked at him and said, “I’m doing it because mom’s the boss.  She’s older than you, so she’s in charge.”

Have I ever mentioned my favorite child? 

No need.

So at this moment, as I sit here at the computer, sipping a cold one (Diet Coke, that is….) Birdie’s cleaning the kitchen.

Hey, I gave her her own apron.  She’s thrilled.


Plus, after she gets that countertop cleaned off, and the floor mopped, she can have a break before school (if she hurries).

I love being boss.

(Update: As I type this—5 minutes later—Birdie is eating potato chips with Bogey and Double Bogey.   I guess she’s done with her workday.  I suppose that means I’m done with this ‘Boss Gig’, and this post.  That floor won’t mop itself.)

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