Friday, December 20, 2013


 Back in October or something, I started drinking more water and less Diet Coke.  Mainly, I was just curious to see if I could do it. I consumed a lot of water.  At first it was so hard, because, well, water is not that delicious to me.  There's no sting down the throat on the first, fresh swallow. 

These days, however, my Diet Coke to water ratio is back to normal...or to where it was before my rash decision to cut back.  

soda water2
So why the sudden change, after I was doing so well,  you ask?  Well, here's a recap of events leading to the current dosage of my favorite beverage (unfortunately it does not come in IV form...those cups and cans take up a lot of room!)

At the beginning of the month when I took Bogey to his weight check appointment at the pediatrician's office, we learned that he had lost a few ounces.  So he fell further from the growth chart.  So, the nutritionist was contacted.

A few days later, I took Mulligan and Bogey to Palo Alto for cleft check-ups, and for Bogey's 6 month cardiac work-up.  We were blasted with "enlarged right heart" and extra cardiac appointments with our local cardiologist are in the works.

('Tis the season for storing Diet Coke in the garage--or milk box on the front porch-- and cracking it open, only to be greeted with slushy carbonated goodness!  I count my stash often, so don't think you can get away with stealing one.  There may or may not be a booby trap affiliated with said milk box! :)

Then, out of no where, our "healthy" baby (Double Bogey) lands a gig at the hospital thanks to his version of the croup.  One minute he was fine, the next moment, he can't get enough air to keep his oxygen saturation above 90.  The doctor said something about swelling and trachea.  My immediate response was to Google how the ventilator works, because I have let myself forget what everything on that machine means.  I was convinced that Double Bogey was going to be intubated (the doctor actually said that word, so it really could have happened).  Fortunately it was Ace that stayed the night at the hospital until DB could breathe enough to be released. (And I could pull myself together, and function as a real person.)

( So I finished off the 4 little bottles of Diet Coke in a few hours on Sunday.  I was saving them for a special occasion anyway.)

In the meantime, since Double Bogey was out of commission, he couldn't climb up on the kitchen counter and turn on the faucet and let the water overflow onto the floor.  He also didn't push the refrigerator water lever to soak himself, and create a huge puddle to slosh through with his socks on.  Needless to say, my kitchen floor was filthy, since I had no reason to mop it.

Also, I wear a FuelBand that tracks my activity, and calories burned throughout the day.  Usually, after following Double Bogey and Bogey around all day, I meet my daily goal for calories burned by about 6 p.m.  With Double Bogey absent, I never did meet my goal.

Are you beginning to see how the intake of Diet Coke surpassed the water intake?

When he got home from the hospital, he was trying really hard to get back to his active self.  He loves to empty the dishwasher (as in, open it and take everything out and pile it onto the floor.)  He couldn't even get the door open.  He was exhausted.

It's about the saddest thing to see him so sick. 

Then, the day after he was released, I noticed he was really having a hard time breathing.  I took him outside in the freezing cold, hoping that would spare us another trip to the doctor.  To no avail.  His lips were turning blue.  I rushed him to the doctor again, where he was immediately given oxygen and a racemic epinephrine breathing treatment.  The doctor suggested that we call the ambulance to get Double Bogey to the hospital, because his o2 sat quickly dropped without the supplemental oxygen blowing by.   Thankfully our favorite nurse, Natalie, came to the rescue and she and another nurse transported Double Bogey across the street to the hospital with the O2 tank.

(About those refills at Maverick...I think I've earned a free one by now.)

Ace met me in DB's room at the hospital right before the IV placement (side note: the man that came up to place the IV was the same man that tried to place Bogey's IV the day that he was on life-flight to Primary Children's.  The guy talked a big talk, but after about 16 tries, was not able to get an IV in Bogey. The sight of that guy launched the ol' PTSD in high gear) .  Instead of curling up in the corner to freak out, I opted to drive home and get a few things, knowing my overnight shift at E.I.R.M.C. was just beginning.  Thankfully, the mere sound of that IV mans voice didn't even phase Ace, so he was able to get Double Bogey all situated  and settled down before I returned.

It didn't take Double Bogey long to figure out that the hospital isn't so great.  He responded quickly to the IV medication and breathing treatments, and about 24 hours after admittance, he was discharged.  He seems to be on the mend.  We're really praying no one else catches the bug.

Now, have I mentioned that there are 4 days to Christmas, and Ace and I haven't shopped for our kids one time.  We don't have so much as a list started.

(It's no surprise what's at the top of my list!!)

The thing that I have loved about this whole month, however, is just noticing that we are SURROUNDED with such good people.  These incidents (which I probably have made a bigger deal than necessary, because of the way I function) have made me recognize again, the blessings of our religion, our friendships (Facebook totally counts), fabulous doctors and nurses (I am so glad I grew up a couple of blocks away from Dr. Anderson, and that he turned out to be the best pediatrician for our kids) and our supportive family.  I know these people are so good, not just because it's Christmastime, but because they are genuinely caring people.  I'm so glad I associate with them.

I'm also so relieved to finally realize that no one just tries to change life long habits starting in October.  No.  That's what New Year's resolutions are all about right?  Starting with a clean slate.  So, I'll start back up on water (choke, gag, spit,) when the New Year begins.

Now, don't go assuming I'm going to quit the DC altogether.  Nah, let's not get too crazy.  I've committed to Diet Coke, remember?  I've got a T-shirt that bears its logo.  (You don't see me walking around wearing a SmartWater shirt.  There's a reason for that.)

Besides, water is for mopping. 

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