Thursday, December 26, 2013

Picture a Christmas

Christmas Eve at Grandma & Grandpa Hart’s

Cousins galore!  Who needs Santa?

IMAG0097 IMAG0099
Double Bogey was still not feeling “up to par”.  He just wanted to be held.  Grandpa Hart is good at that job.
 IMAG0106 Little Bogey has a little stash of his own at G & G’s house.  He just crawled into the pantry and pulled down a bag a chips, and helped himself.

Christmas Eve at Nana & Papa’s house
(because who doesn’t need 2 parties in 1 night?)

We acted out the nativity…



 ...then welcomed a visitor.

We have some pretty cute cousins.  Seriously, cousins are our very best friends.

We kicked off Christmas morning at home, with a favorite gift.  That Santa sure knows what he’s doing.


Bogey set up camp on his new rocking giraffe.


The kids tore through their presents, like there was no tomorrow.

Ace scored a sweet leopard print tape measure from Gimme.  She is so thoughtful.  Everyone got a gift from her.    IMAG0133

Double Bogey loved his car thing.  (The tag actually said To Bogey, but Double liked it so much we did a little switch-a-roo.  We're flexible like that.)

Mulligan could hardly wait to sport his new Nike threads.  A boy after my own heart.


Post Christmas shenanigans.  (Guess who won this one?  Ace.  No mercy. ;)

While the other kids were playing games, see what Double Bogey taught Bogey?  Now I have to try to keep BOTH boys out of the dishwasher.  (Too bad neither of them can reach to put those dishes away after they take them out of the dishwasher.)


This has been another Christmas to add to the "Best One Ever" list.  We recognize how blessed we are, how caring and thoughtful our friends and neighbors are, how much we love our family, and most of all, we recognize the importance of our Savior's birth, His life, and His example.

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