Thursday, September 26, 2013

My routine

As of late, I’ve been feeling a bit like I’m stuck in a rut, just going through the same motions every day.

Wake up


Worry about Double Bogey


Take the kids to school

Worry about Mulligan

Do the laundry

Worry about Birdie

Doctors/Therapy appointments

Worry about Bogey

Clean some more

Worry about Gimme




Wish it was the weekend


I’ve felt a bit discouraged about Bogey, because although he is making great progress in muscle development, and crawling, standing and walking, he is not up to par when it comes to eating.  He isn’t gaining much weight.  We depend on that blasted G-tube (oh, how I want that gone) for most of his nutrients.  He just doesn’t love to eat (well, except  a few Oreos, Cheeto’s and M&M’s—he’s on his mama’s diet!)  And now that he’s on the go, he’s burning a lot more calories, but not consuming more.

Nothing, however brings me more joy than knowing that Fall is in the air—which means hoodie sweatshirts EVERY DAY (bring on the Oreos!), and football games on the weekends.  These two love a good college match up.  They couldn’t take their eyes off the Stanford game (must be that mighty mascot).  Whenever Stanford scored a touchdown, I’d say “Touchdown” and they’d both raise their arms in the air.  Cross that one off the list of the top 10 things every parent should teach their sons.   (However, don’t mind Double Bogey, he’s only shirtless because he didn’t want me interrupting his view of the game to change his shirt.  We had to wait for the next time out to get him fully dressed.)

We love Football!

This little guy breaks up the monotony of my day because he’s ALWAYS into something.  He climbed into the tub as the girls were getting out.  He scattered all the toys in the toy box so that he could get in.  He goes around and eats off of everyone's plate after they leave the table. He dumps all the food off his plate and won’t eat it, but has no qualms about eating off of the floor.

mischeif grid

When Bogey isn’t refusing to eat, he loves to watch screens.  He’ll sit and watch the screensaver of family pictures on the computer when the TV isn’t on.  Even as I sit here and type this, he’s sitting here (making it very difficult for me), trying to reach the screen.  I guess that means he’ll be a computer genius when he grows up.  He’s such a good boy to sit and watch a movie  (a very educational one at that) so that I can follow brother around and try to keep him from disasters. (Don’t talk to me about the American Academy of Pediatrics giving the thumbs down on TV for younger kids.  Just admire my Mother of the Year trophies that I keep polished and displayed at all times.)

.computer grid

The rest of the crew keeps me rolling, with their somewhat quirky sense of humor.  They found this headband at Nana’s house, and wanted me to take their picture with it on. (Too bad some of the pictures are so blurry.)  Boom.  Halloween, DONE.

silly headband grid

It may be the same boring routine every day, but these kids are definitely my highlights.


Now, speaking of routine--


this laundry isn’t going to fold itself.


Happy Days said...

Love it! You are very inspiring. You keep it up, even when it's tough or monotonous. I love the pictures and knowing that I'm not the only one who lets my kids watch t.v. or movies. My little one also loves to look at the screen. What cute kids you have!

Noelle and Corey said...

Great post! Don't let his anorexia get you down. Zoey only gained 3 lbs from 6 mos to 18 mo, and then maybe (I finally quit neurotically weighing her, so I don't remember exactly) 5 lbs in the last year (despite us spiking every bottle/sippy with Carnation), and she was in the <3% at that point. I finally quit worrying about her weight because it was stressing me out so much, though I still feel guilty every time I take her to her well-child checks--I feel like I'm going to get scolded. She finally started eating a few foods- pizza and chicken nuggets, mainly. I'm pretty sure she'll be nutritionally fine because I finally convinced her to eat broccoli, which she will only do if it's slathered in ranch sauce. She also likes green beans, which I never remember to feed her. Just consider me first runner up for MOTY. :)