Monday, June 17, 2013


In college, I majored in English Education.  I chose English partly because I didn’t have to do any math or science, and partly because I had an English teacher in high school that I adored, and I thought I could inspire high school students, just like she did.  Plus, I figured I could handle a bit of reading. :)

By the time my last semester of classes rolled around, I had read a lot of literature (or in some last minute emergencies, watched the movie).  Some of it I liked, some of it was confusing, but most of it moved me in some way.  I’ve thought so much about that lately.  Language is a powerful thing.  Words have the power to change the course of a persons life—for good or ill—and yet choosing our words and what we say, sometimes comes without a second thought.

Sunday, after we got home from our vacation/hospital visit, we were met with two finished bedrooms in our basement, plus oodles of supplies to complete the rest of the downstairs.  Finishing our basement has been such a burden on our minds because with Ace’s busy work schedule and travelling for training, plus this hospital trip, and just day to day appointments and living, we were having a hard time getting a start on things.  

So, someone made arrangements, talked to people, and somehow, this monstrous project in our eyes, can be checked off the list of things that have to be done. 

This is where our language and words are so lacking.  I can say “thank you”, but those two words don’t even begin to touch the surface of the true, deep, gratitude we are honestly feeling.  I can’t find any words to express how those involved in this project, were an answer to our prayers.  We feel so humbled, knowing that there were people who sacrificed their time and money for us to live more comfortably in our home.  Of course I was brought to tears by the generosity of others, but that is because words failed me.  There aren’t words to express what our hearts are feeling.

On top of a partially finished basement, tomatoes were planted (thanks mom & dad!),the house was spotless clean (thanks Mary & Co.), and dinner was in the crock pot.  Could we be any more blessed with such wonderful neighbors, friends, and ward members?  Nope.  I think we’ve got it good right here.

To anyone reading this, who may have helped in this project in any way, we say “Thank You”.  We say it only because we can’t tear open our hearts to show you how deeply we appreciate your contribution to the answer of our prayers.  We say it because we mean it way beyond its intended connotation. 

Thank you again,

A million times over…


Northern Nickle Clan said...

Wow! I've felt like what you describe. Thank you is so shallow sometimes in comparison to our true feelings. What a neat experience! So happy for you guys, and for whomever helped out with your house projects. NEAT!

Samantha said...

So awesome! Couldn't have happened to a nicer girl. So happy for you and your sweet family.