Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land


(Caution: Photo onslaught)

Since last summer was spent away from our kids, with high stress and anxiety, Ace and I decided back then,  that we would do something special with our kids this summer. 

Before we even blinked, this summer came.  A few months ago, we had made arrangements with the Costa and Smith families (families that became our good friends while our kids were neighbors in the hospital) to meet up at Disneyland.  So, wah-la.  There was our something special for the summer.

stanford fam (The Smiths: Greg, Heather, Evan, Logan, Austin  (Us minus the twins)  The Costas: Brooke, Eric, Tanner, Caydence)

We LOVE these guys!


Ace’s mom and dad let us use their timeshare, and we were lucky enough to have Nana and two of Ace’s sisters and their kids come along with us.  Let’s just say, it was a vacation we’ll never forget.  There was still plenty of stress and anxiety trying to coordinate meeting spots, and fast passes, and getting sick, but we had a great time! :) 

I’m not big on rides, but I loved being out in the sun, and loved it when Birdie came off of EVERY ride (including the carousel) exclaiming, “Mom!!  That was totally awesome!!”  She had her hands up for every second, on every ride.  She’s a thrill seeker.  I’m nervous about that.


Gimme gave me the play by play of every ride, and she always said she was still  “shaking from fear” or “shaking from cold” after the big rides.


It was priceless seeing Mulligan blush and cover his face with both hands when Mary Poppins and the princesses at the parade blew kisses to him.  He was also equally embarrassed when Mrs. Incredible gave him a real kiss on the cheek. 

IMG_3939 IMG_0653

The babies were entertained by the people coming and going, and looking in on them.  We got them out of their stroller for a couple of mellow rides (the ones I went on!;) and they thought they were pretty cool. 



pre diz

(I don’t even know why we felt like we had to go to Disneyland…they were having so much fun in the car on the big hills we drove up and down.)

 3 ks tractor ride bird birdie  carosel mullcarosel bird  birdie mulligancars ride  5 happydouble  gimm & caleb gimmie hook em mullimonster kait monster kaylee  mulligan potato     small world S&Mdrive gimmnate mull

Nate (16) was a saint to go on the rides with our kids, because I um, was mostly too chicken…watched the babies? ;)

Dizz 2013 047   Dizz 2013 021 Dizz 2013 023 Dizz 2013 028

Dizz 2013 026 Dizz 2013 025Dizz 2013 027  Dizz 2013 029 Dizz 2013 030 Dizz 2013 044 Dizz 2013 032 Dizz 2013 036  Dizz 2013 038  Dizz 2013 037Dizz 2013 031

 Dizz 2013 046

IMG959821 IMG953502

When we weren’t playing at the “Land”, we soaked up some sun at the resort, and we also took a visit to the San Diego Temple.  Beautiful.

sleepy swimmer

sleepy swimmers  sleepy swimmers 3 

Dizz 2013 018

We made some really great memories on this trip! 

Thanks Nana and Papa for helping make the trip possible, and Hales and Jewkes families for having such super kids that are such good friends to our children. 

Smiths & Costas, keep blogging (*cough*Heather*cough*) and GroupMe active…it’s so great to be in touch with you!

The timing of this vacation was perfect.  I was so busy playing, I forgot to stress out about Bogey’s one year cardiac catheterization appointment that we scheduled for on the way home!  Perfect timing!

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Noelle and Corey said...

Love the pictures!!! Hate that we had to be on a cross-country move during the fun trip!! Next time, baby!