Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another Day to Celebrate

One year ago today, Ace and I experienced the LONGEST day of our lives, waiting for our baby boy to get out of heart surgery.

To stay busy, I drank Diet Coke.

That day, and that surgery brought new life to Bogey, and we will be forever grateful to Dr. Frank Hanley for his knowledge and expertise. 

The first few weeks after the surgery were pretty difficult to endure.  I just wanted to scoop that baby up and cuddle him.  But alas, I could not.  So instead, I worried about EVERYthing, and gave myself ulcers, waiting for someone to call in the middle of the night, to give us some kind of bad news.

Both Bogey and I have come a long way since then (thank goodness!!), and I have been so pleased with the progress Bogey has made in his development.  He is still delayed quite a bit, but guess what?  I'm so not freaking out!  (That's what I mean when I say, I've come a long way).  I'm just learning patience (It seems so deja vu,...I think I've tried to learn this lesson before...;)

As we embark on yet another journey to the "Golden State" (for a little check up) we feel so fortunate to have a whole van load of healthy, happy (well, for now...this 13 hour drive has just begun...) children.

I know I've said this before, but I'm saying it again, now.  As I look back, I just know that we couldn't have made it through most days without the support of our family and friends--both near and far, real and virtual (oh, Facebook...*sigh*).    We'll forever be grateful for the Children's hospital, and all of the doctors, nurses, etc. who have helped care for Bogey during all of his days there.  It's no wonder why we prefer to travel the extra distance for these procedures.

From now on, this day will always be one we celebrate--

--With a Diet Coke, of course. 

Who's with me? ;)


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