Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Wait

This morning we came up to the hospital somewhat prepared to send our little Bogey to surgery (Those plant animals are right outside the front door of the hospital. At this moment I feel like I should go down there and prune them.  With my own two hands. That should eat up some time right??).  We staked out our waiting spot (which is the most coveted spot on the second floor—it’s a first come first serve kind of spot, and believe me, we are always first come! :)  and then walked with the surgical nurses to the OR.  Just outside that area, I gave my little guy a happy birthday kiss (2 months old today!!) and a kiss for good measure, and then the doors closed and I was left standing there…I didn’t even know it, but I was crying.  Some kind nurses found me some tissue and guided us back to the second floor to wait.

And so we are.


If you look at your watch, is it ticking, or is time standing still for everyone?? 

If I were a nervous eater, I’d be eating my way to the next season of the Biggest Loser.  If I were a pacer,
 I’d have worn a hole in the carpet by now.  If I were a nail biter, I’d be way beyond my fingernails, probably going at Ace’s or anyone else’s. 

When I get nervous, I usually find serenity in a Diet Coke.  Today, it’s a whole different story.  This is a whole new ballgame.  I can’t quite find anything to focus on except clock to make sure it’s working (but I’m still drinking Diet Coke…I’m not quite ready to give up on the theory that it makes me calm.  I just don’t think I’m getting enough.) 

                          2012-06-06 15.36.472012-06-06 15.38.282012-06-06 15.38.15

I’ve got a system going now…hey, don’t judge.  The cans are small, they technically shouldn’t even count as drinks—they’re more like swallows.  That’s why the 8 pack can easily be diminished in a moments time…and when I say a moment, I mean 2 hours or more, because today, that’s how long a moment lasts.

We are feeling the prayers of our friends and family.  We cannot express enough how much we appreciate those prayers.  It may seem like such a small thing, but that is the ONLY way we are enduring this—through faith and prayers…

and waiting.

(photos by Kristy Perkins Photography)


Steve and Kim... said...

i hate waiting. i feel for you! and those pictures are honestly the cutest things. what sweet babies you have. i cannot wait to meet them one day. what a lucky mom you are! and good one at that :)

Stacy said...

You Amaze me with your Insane Courage, Bravery & Humor.
Your little guy is So INCREADIBLY Lucky to have you as his mom!!!
Your sweet boy has been on my mind and in my prayers especially today!
Your example of Faith & Perserverance is inspiring!
Hang in there!!

branden said...

oh my goodness I would be a nervous wreck! I love the pictures at the end-they are so handsome! happy 2 month birthday to your little guys and we're keeping all of you in our prayers!

branden said...

oh and this is Jessica not Branden-sorry wrong account

Emily said...

Rachelle! I am so sorry that your little guy has to have a hard day. You have been in my thoughts and prayers for weeks. All through the month of May my kids went to a little preschool at IFHS and another mom dropping her kids off everyday looks EXACTLY like you!! It made me think and pray for your little family every time I saw her. I know we haven't spoken in years but I love you all the same and i know you are going to be ok. This is your hard trial right now and I am literally being humbled as i read about your trials.I dont have it hard right now(other than being a mother!!) So, Thank you for being such a good example to us all with your faith and love. I hope that I can do the same when the storms hit my home! love ya tons!!

Emily said...

This is Emily Grant(Thuernagle) by the ya

Noelle and Corey said...

Ummm...that picture of the two of them is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Ever!!! All the pictures are precious.
I can't wait to bounce one boy on each knee in a couple months!! Love you!!

Candice Harris said...

OMG, could those last outfits be ANY cuter?? :) For a second I thought the Book Salesman had flown to California with his new electric bush/tree trimmer and 'Edward Scissorhanded' those plants!! I'm expecting our yard to start looking like that any day now! You know I love ya, I hate that you're having to go through this! Hugs and prayers, we're pulling for you guys! <3

Justin and Kristin said...

Ohhh, I LOVE the pictures!! Glad you found time to get those done!!

Janalyn and Jacob Owens said...

Those pictures get to me!!! Rachelle, I put your family's name into the Manti temple. I just wanted to let you know.