Friday, May 17, 2013


Just when I thought my obsession with David A. was over,  I found myself digging though my tee-shirts trying to find my homemade I *heart* DA shirt I buried when he left on his mission, because I saw this:


I bought it. (Shh…don’t tell Ace.  He’ll find out when we listen to it over and over and over on our trip to CA in a few weeks. He’ll be so pleased.)

And the tee-shirt resurfaces to the top. 

Go ahead, mock.  I’ve been mocked for other things. 

(For instance, I organize the dirty dishes before I put them into the dishwasher--christmas list 001

and, recently I’ve been given a hard time because I NEVER decorate for holidays or seasons—aside from putting up a Christmas tree, which starts coming down at 12:01 a.m. on Dec. 26—yet, I have a wreath hanging on my front door “celebrating” March Madness and the NBA Playoffs.

hoopsSo, if you mock my quirks, it’s fine.  I can take it.)


Speaking of quirks--

Two days ago, Mulligan asked me if there was a real Santa that flew around on a sleigh.  I couldn’t lie to him, so I told him there was no such person.

He gasped and said, “You don’t believe?  You’re not getting any presents for Christmas.”  The truth didn’t phase him. 

Later that day, he and Birdie brought me their Christmas lists, and Birdie says, “We need to get these to Santa, today.”

christmas list 003

Mulligan’s List:

*A Batman Wii Game

*A football

*New Batman guys

*A new ball

christmas list 002

Birdie’s List (written by Mulligan):

*A doll home

*Diet Coke

*A Real Baby

*Doll Food



*100 Doughnuts

*100 Diet Cokes

When I asked why she wanted so many Diet Cokes, she said, “Because I’m tired of sharing with you.”

When I asked her where she thought Santa was going to get a real baby, she pointed at my stomach…

Now that’s quirky.  Makes my seasonal decoration, David A. t-shirt,and organized dirty dishes look completely normal, right?




**Just so we’re totally clear—there will be no real babies coming from me for Christmas—or EVER.  I may look 6 months along, but I assure you, I’m not.  In Gimme’s words (her actual response to Mulligan’s question as to why I looked like I was going to have another baby):  “It’s all that Diet Coke she drinks.” 

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Noelle and Corey said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Funny kids! Glad you can't crush their Christmas spirits!(JK)They must be related to your husband! My kids are not going to know what soda is until they are too old to believe in Santa, :)))