Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Power of Cheesecake


I made a strawberry cheesecake today.


After dinner, I introduced the kids to the delicacy.  (Usually, Ace and I eat it ourselves after the kids go to bed—Ace is out of town, so he missed out—:(  )

Birdie was particularly impressed.  After her first bite she carefully climbed off her chair, came and wrapped her arms around my arm and lovingly said:

“Mom. You’re the best ‘caker’ ever!”  



No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake


* 1 graham cracker crust (I buy the one that is already made, but you can mash up your own crackers, add a little butter & sugar and press it into a pie plate or whatever)



* 1 8oz. cream cheese

* 1 8oz. Cool Whip

* 3/4 c. sugar

--Mix together & fill crust



* strawberry glaze ( I buy it already made,  in the produce section, but you could use the canned stuff too, if you like that. Or you can mix up a package of Danish Dessert)

* sliced strawberries

--mix together and pour on top of filling

--refrigerate, and serve chilled


p.s. the filling works for a fruit dip as well…

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