Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shop til You Drop

OK.  Now let's talk shopping. 

I braved the traffic and the 4 and 5 lane interstates, highways, and freeways, to get to the Nike Outlet store.  There were other stores too, like GAP, Gymboree, Guess, and Nordstrom, but please, we've been over my shopping experiences already.  It's no surprise most of my time was spent perusing every rack at Nike.

There were moments while I was checking out the shoes (Oh the shoes!!!) when I had to resurface out of the aisle, to take a breath, and then head back in and continue to observe each pair.   At one point, a little girl profaned the goodness of her surroundings when she complained to her dad, "I hate looking at these stupid shoes!"  I had to bite my tongue before giving her a lashing and a long lecture about how good she has it, being amongst such glorious things, and having such beauty right at her fingertips.  I wanted to make sure she understood, there were deprived people (mainly in Idaho) who don't have the luxury of standing in a shoe aisle, surrounded only by Nike.

By the time we returned to our "undisclosed location" Bogey and I were exhausted!  Talk about "shop til you drop!"  He slept the entire time in the car, and the longer I sit here, the more sleepy I am becoming.  I may just have to have a little nap before I go running for the day.

The best part about all of this is that when I have to pick up Ace from the airport, I have to drive past the outlets again.  If I can't get a certain pair of shoes that I saw off my brain, I'm going back in.  Otherwise, it'll bother me until we come back in June.

And no one can ever have too many Nike's. 

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