Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Day...

I also hate it when I plan an activity, and think it's going to be so great, but once I get there and get in too deep to back out, I realize the activity wasn't such a great idea after all.

Which brings me to a report on today's festivities

Ace and I packed our golf clubs this trip.  Due to Ace feeling a bit under the weather last week, we didn't get go together. I figured since I had some time on my hands, I'd give the driving range a go.  In my head, this was a splendid idea.  I pictured myself hitting some beautiful shots, and Bogey squealing with glee at every *ping*  sound of the ball coming off the club.  Perfect, right?  Everyone sold on my idea?  Yeah.  It was going to be awesome!!

So there I was.  In a filthy dirty mini van from Idaho, parked next to a convertible, in the parking lot of the driving range.  The retired man pulling his clubs from his fancy car, gave me a strange look as I was putting Bogey in the stroller.  (In my imagination, I forgot to factor in other people...)

When I got out to the range, I had to figure out how to dispense the range balls, all the while keeping my confidence elevated, but the guys in line behind me, waiting, made that task a little more difficult. 

Finally, after I got Bogey all situated and in comfortable spot to squeal at the sounds, I pulled out my 9-iron and went to work. 

Oh it was awful.  Truly awful.  I don't know what it is inside me that makes me think I'm a golfer.  Is it because I have my own clubs?  Is it because my husband and dad and brothers golf?  Is it because we used to live on a golf course?  Maybe it's because I participate every year in the Wilhelmsen golf tournament at the family reunion.   I don't know.  But I had no business being anywhere near a course today. 

It's been over a year since I've touched my golf clubs, so the beautiful sound of the sweet spot of the club hitting the ball only happened once about every 10 swings.  Poor Bogey wasn't squealing with glee at all, but at least he was happy.  He might have been laughing at me, but I couldn't tell.

I was glad to finally see the bottom of the range ball bucket.  I packed up and headed out, and re-evaluated the rest of my day.  I think it's best to just stay in and watch TV.  That way, no one gets embarrassed, conversations and planned activities can't go awry. 

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Happy Days said...

I loved the fact that you got out to do what you love with your cute little guy despite the not-so-perfect conditions.