Saturday, December 8, 2012

“There’s two. One, two.”

It seems like in the last two weeks, I have repeated the story of the time I found out I was pregnant with twins.  It seemed odd to me, but then it was brought to my attention, I never blogged about it!!  How could I not have remembered to post this story!  So, just in case someone, someday, wonders what went on…here it is:

I knew pretty early on that I was pregnant…and because I had been pregnant 3 other times, I figured I knew enough about it that I didn’t need to get into the doctor right away.  After all, we were living in the boonies—I mean, Blanchard—where the nearest OBGYN was much farther than a stones cast.  :) 

My first appointment was in Sopkane WA.  I was about 14 weeks along.  The doctor found a heartbeat, and I was done.  I set up the next appointment, (same clinic, different doctor) and a few weeks later, I went in again, and the other doctor found a heartbeat, a little higher this time.  This doctor told me I needed to make sure I was eating healthy foods and exercising a little every day, because I was a little bigger than what she liked to see at 18 weeks.  She advised, "Instead of reaching for the cookies and chips, go for the fresh veggies”.  


Nothing like leaving the doctor’s office feeling like a million bucks!!

Two weeks later, on Nov. 29, Ace and I went in for my ultrasound.  We decided that we would find out the gender.  In the past, we (when I say “we”, I mean “I”) liked to be surprised (p.s. that’s the ONLY surprise I like.)  So, there I was, up on the table, my [apparently] giant belly exposed, ready to be slathered in the sticky gel.  The ultrasound lady (Is there a certain name for that job?  A tech or something?) put her wand (for lack of the correct medical term) on my stomach and on the screen, I saw something sort of like this: 

olo   (circle, line, circle).

My first thought was, “Where the heck are we?  There are 3D ultrasounds, even 4D, and we’re stuck in some dump where they only have a weird mirror image machine? I swear, this whole area is stuck in the 1980’s.” 

The USL (Ultrasound lady) took the wand off my gut and walked over to her notes.  “You’re here for a single ultrasound, right?”

“Yes.  Yes we are.”

Again, the USL placed her wand on me, and as I was straining my neck to see the screen more clearly, the USL said, “There’s two in there.”

I said, “No, there can’t be.  They only found one heartbeat, and I’ve been to two doctors.  Both only found ONE heartbeat.” (Now remember, I’d been pregnant 3 other times, I was a pro at pregnancy.  I’d know if there were two.)

The USL had the nerve to argue with me. She pointed to the screen and touched both circles as she counted. “One.  Two.”  Because back in those days, I wasn’t the fighting type, I just let it go.  But I was sure that if she would restart her machine, or hit it a couple of times (that usually works for us when something isn’t working like it should…) she would see I was right, and there was only one circle after all.

Alas, the USL moved ahead.  She was trying to keep up with Ace as he was quickly pointing out all the limbs and body parts of each baby boy.

…And what was I doing?  What I do best.  I was bawling.  I was suddenly overwhelmed with so many emotions!  First, fear.  So many things go wrong in twin pregnancies! Second, terror.  5 children.  How am I supposed to be in charge of 5 kids, when I was barely staying afloat with 3?!  Third, gratitude. (So my priorities were completely out of whack…) For whatever reason, Heavenly Father was trusting me with two more babies.  Two more! 

When it was all done, I did my best to act calm and composed (albeit my makeup was smeared all over my face from the constant dripping out of my eyes), but the USL could see right through me.  She directed me to the restroom and told me to take a few minutes to myself to collect my thoughts and emotions.  She told me I still looked like I was in shock.

Well, I was…

…and continued to be until about 3 weeks ago. :) 

Now that they are here, and everything has sunk in, and we sort of have a routine (and I use the term “routine” very loosely) I am feeling much better about things. 

As of late, Double Bogey eats anything and everything, and is rolling all over the place.  He acts like he is going to take off crawling, but he knows his mom wouldn’t be able to keep up, so he’s taking his sweet time. 
2012-11-17 20.05.242012-11-30 17.21.35
Bogey puts everything in his mouth, except anything that has to do with food.  He is having serious issues with feeding.  He doesn’t want actual food in his mouth.  He goes ballistic if I happen to sneak a swallow of formula or baby food in his mouth. 

2012-12-01 10.52.18
2012-11-30 17.21.06
This is him blocking me from even attempting to feed him actual food.

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Noelle and Corey said...

Zoey has been so hard to feed. After a couple bites, she is DONE!! So I get any electronic toy I can to totally distract her, and once she is interested enough, I slip as many bites in there as I can before she freaks out. It takes a ton of patience and time, but works okay most of the time. We've been doing this for months. I don't know if this might work for your little guy. Also, sometimes giving them a toothbrush to chew on throughout the day will get them more used to textures and eating. Good luck!