Monday, December 31, 2012

End of another Year....

It seems like so much has happened since my last post, and now I'm cramming to report everything before the year ends...tomorrow.

First of all, we finally got back into our house.  Our renter didn't do us any huge favors as far as cleaning up, so that took a good week to clean and sanitize every nook and cranny.  By the time we got our furniture back in (including two new cribs) it would seem that the house got smaller over the past three years.  We will definitely be finishing the basement this spring.  

We were able to get rid of some serious baggage though--we no longer have to drag these hummers around with Bogey anymore.  He is officially off the supplemental oxygen.  No more fancy tape jobs on his face.  I'll miss that.  (No. I probably won't.)

We also tossed all the 5 oz. bottles.  Both boys are taking 6 oz. (or 7oz. for Double Bogey) every three hours, so I joyously, got rid of these.  (It was getting so hard to keep the tops matched up to the bottles.  I'm a little OCD about that.)  We are still working with Bogey on taking food through his mouth, but he is not a fan.  He prefers the feeding tube.  Every once in a while, I have these panics, and I envision him heading to school with a Pedia-Sure packed for his lunch and then when it's time, he just pops it open and dumps it down his own tube. Yeah.  Panic.

Perhaps he just needs the right stuff to send down the hatch.  I am certain that if he would just get a taste of this stuff, we could toss his g-tube too.  Let's be honest, everyone needs a little Diet Coke at some point.

In other news, Christmas came and went.  The kids were super excited about their new tablets.  However, that excitement was somewhat doused when I broke the news to them that they could only download a new game once a week, IF they read every day.  If they don't, they don't get a new game.  I know.  I'm so mean.

(We LOVE Nike.)

We also love Oklahoma...and all things Thunder.

  (Don't tell anyone, but this is Ace in a OKC Thunder shirt.  He's more of a "closet fan")
(And we love it when the Beans have us for Christmas!)

In other news, on the 27th of this month, Ace and I rounded out 10 years of being married.  We didn't celebrate with a cruise (I would never survive a cruise.  I would be too claustrophobic, knowing there was no where to go but overboard if I wanted to get away...what if there was some emergency?  Oh I need my brown paper bag just writing about it!), but we did go to a movie, and I didn't even think about getting head lice from the seats until the very end of the show (that's progress people...).  Then I was itching my head the rest of the night (one step forward, half a step back...not bad, not bad at all). 

photo credit: Carolyn Anderson Photography
We have had a very "exciting" year with lots of new growth, new adjustments, new friends and a new-found love and appreciation for the old ones...we have certainly been blessed.