Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ring ring!

The last few weeks, my Samsung Intensity phone has been on the fritz.  One day while I was super busy in California, I set aside a few HOURS  to organize all of my contacts, and assign ringtones and pictures to each person.  I was pretty excited about the accomplishment, but the next time my phone rang, guess what?  No contact information came up.  The assigned ringtone didn't work.  When I got back onto my contact list, they were all out of order (as in, not alphabetically) and some contacts were listed 3-5 times! 

I instantly went into hyperventilation mode.  I can't take disorganization.

Ace clearly must have understood my frustration because today, for my birthday, he got me a sweet new phone.  I would have been happy with one that kept my contacts in alphabetical order, but because he is Mr. Technology/Gadget Guy, he wouldn't go small. (I love him...)

So all day today I've been downloading apps, (I've got Facebook in my pocket, people!!!) ringtones for my contacts, getting wallpaper and widgets!!  I could be playing on this thing for weeks!! How have I lived without a smartphone for so long??

So, if you need me, call me!! (I want to make sure everyone has the right ringtone... ;)

It has been the best day, just being with my little fam...getting older (the big 3-0 is becoming a far distant memory) isn't so bad because I'm with them! 

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