Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gimme a Cheerleader!

Before I jump into the purpose of this post, I am making a plea for running music suggestions.  I must listen to music while I run (otherwise I can only hear myself breathe, and that wears me out) and as much as I love Bruno Mars “I Wanna Marry You”, it just didn’t help me fight past the Panda Express Orange Chicken I chose to eat just moments prior to taking off—Instead of wanting to push through the feeling of the chicken creeping up my esophagus, I found myself slowing down, looking for a red light at a crosswalk.   I think if I had some fresh tunes, I would be more motivated to go a little further, or a little longer.  As a reminder, however, I am a head case, (if you need a refresher go here)  so please don’t suggest songs that include lyrics like “no air”, or “can’t breathe”.  And, while I’m flying solo for a bit, it would probably be in my best interest not to be introduced to any songs that talk about being chased, or creepers in the bushes.

And now onto the main point of this post.

As I mentioned before, Gimme went to Cheer Camp.  This is a pretty big deal because for almost a year, we begged her to try basketball.  For whatever reason, she thought it was only for boys.  After being grounded and confined to her room for a week some time, she was finally convinced to give it a try.  Just as I suspected, she fell in love with the sport.  She was constantly dribbling the basketball in the house.  She even asked Santa for her own pink and purple ball for Christmas.

 Well, life got hectic and next thing I know, she is signing up for cheer camp!!  I fear she had forgotten what she really loves! :)

Last night, Gimme had her big night in front of the crowd.  Ace sent me video clips, and my friends sent me pictures (Thank you a million times over Jylisha and Creeper McGhee…er…Heidi!).  I would have loved to have seen her live, because she looked so cute, and all hyped to be there. 
                       cheer camp1cheer camp2

I guess I don’t care what she likes best right now (but to make it fair, I have to sign her up for basketball—anyone know of a team or league?? ;) if she’s going to be that cute, she can be whatever she wants! 


Noelle and Corey said...

She's doing me proud right there!! She is such a cutie, and every time Zach sees a picture of her, he says, "I love Kaysha!"

Oliver and Keisha said...

I'm no runner (went for 6 weeks and quit when it got too cold) but I really love Good Feeling from Flo Rida--and I just bought Let's Go from Calvin Harris which sounds upbeat and fun.
On a side note, my daughter Aubrey sure has fun with your baby when she goes to piano lessons. Says he's adorable! :)

Justin and Kristin said...

I never would have seen her as the cheerleader, but definately the basketball girl. (Gee, I wonder why!) Maybe she will be talented at both!?