Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hospital #2

Since being down in Utah, I've learned a couple of things.  First of all, when the speed limit says 65, they are totally kidding.  Nobody goes 65.  If you do, people pass you and give you dirty looks.  I have learned that in order for me to move from one side of the freeway to the other, I have to take my time--about 2.3 miles--to do it.  I'm too chicken to switch lanes in a hurry.  Don't forget I'm used to the Blanchard 2 laner.

But here is what Utah is NOT kidding about:  

I thought they were.  

I started feeling pretty guilty after my 4th Diet Coke (not a drop of milk for the day) and I had to read this sign every stinking time.  It was just staring at me on every refill.  No matter which machine I chose, there it was.  

Finally, after the cashier (yep, same one each time...I don't know if I was drinking super fast, or if those poor cashiers have super long shifts...) gave me the "raised eyebrow" followed by the slight roll of the eyes, I came to the conclusion that I may or may not be the healthiest I can be when it comes to my choice of beverage.  

So to compensate, I took the stairs back up to Bogey's room.  That was good for my heart too, and I felt very invigorated and just pumped that I made a healthy choice.  I felt that could use a reward.

Needless to say, I took the stairs back down to the cafeteria and got myself another DC, and did so with confidence.   

(**For those of you wondering, Bogey was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday because his electrolyte levels were totally low due to his medication.  In the adjusting of the meds, his lungs have developed quite a bit of fluid and he is really laboring to breathe.  Doctors are working to get those meds balanced out so that we can bring him home--again--.  Today the twins are 1 month old, and I am wondering how I ever lived without them.  They have brought the sweetest spirit to our family and through Bogey's situation, we have grown so much closer as a family and I am so thankful for that!  In the meantime, we continue to receive such tender mercies from our Heavenly Father and we are amazed at the number of people--some we don't even know, and who don't know us, but want to help-- who have reached out to us.  We truly feel so blessed.)


Melissa Bitton said...

I love you and your Diet Coke addiction (I LOVE DC too!). The other day, I had this conversation with my husband:
Me: Um...when was the last time you had water?
Husband: (while holding Mountain Dew),Uhhh, well...I don't know.
Me: Yeah, thought so!

Sometimes at our house we forget to eat healthy too! You've got a lot going on...just drink the Diet Coke!

Lindsey said...

hahahah!!! It's so true about the speed limit down here. Nobody goes 65. Everyone goes at least 10 miles over.

Also, don't you DARE feel guilty about drinking diet coke! Everyone down here drinks it. That girl who gave you the dirty look is probably just cranky because she has to share with you. I am serious! Everyone in Utah drinks diet coke. They talk about it on the radio. In other words, you are just fitting in! If you do feel bad, I can bring you a 12 pack to stash in your room.