Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gettin' our Kicks

If you need us on any given Saturday morning, we'll probably be in Rathdrum (not that the location matters, but I just feel like everyone should have the opportuninity to say that name--even if silently to youself--because it's so odd.
"Where are you from?"
-"Oh, I'm from Rathdrum..."
Am I the only one that finds saying it hilarious?)

Anyway, the kids have been playing soccer (we finally introduced them to the sport), and they really love it.

Mulligan runs after the ball as long as he is holding on to the coach's hand. Otherwise, you can find him peacing out on the sideline.

Gimme on the other hand (no, not the coach's other hand...HA!!) runs up and down the field like a champ. She tries not to get to close to the ball, unless Ace and I are on the sidelines yelling at her to "go kick it!!" (I know, super parenting.)
When she sticks her toe into the crowd of feet around the ball, she turns her face away and puts her hands up for protection. She's an animal alright. I think she gets her aggressivness from her dad. :)
Birdie's the best cheerleader the teams have got. She plays in the grass, making certain her back is toward the field at all times (I think she thinks it'll jinx her siblings if she actually sits still and watches the game.) She's sure to go begging for treats after each game too. It's a good thing she acts like we never feed her with her whining shinanigans, as she begs too. Otherwise I doubt she'd get a morsel.
I don't know what we're going to do when the season is over. I suppose we'll have to drive to Rathdrum (Ha I said it again!!) just for kicks!


Elasta-Girl said...

Um, yeah... I knew I shouldn't have told you about paint.

Beckypants said...

Ha ha... you crack me up. It was so fun seeing you last weekend!

Justin and Kristin said...

Love the "other hand" punn!!

Noelle and Corey said...

What cute little soccer players! I hope they have a fun season!

Mom and Dad said...

It was fun to re-read and look at the pic's. I laughed and I cried. One of the funny things is that I'm not sure how I got to this Blog. I was on went to gave me a list of which was mrmerzlock...(or something like least it was something I thought I recognized.) So after reading a little there, I came upon par-5 ...and here I am. Not sure I can follow that 'trail' again, but it's been enjoyable anyway. Mom (don't even have a fancy name to use. That's pretty pathetic.)