Friday, July 2, 2010

Comings and Goings...

I loved having my parents here to visit. My kids loved having Grandpa and Grandma Hart here to visit.

I think I should have felt guilty that while they were here, we weeded all of the flowerbeds that surround our house. That's right, I just handed my mom a pair of gloves, and my dad voluntarily purchased a shovel and suddenly, shrubs, flowers, and bushes appeared! I don't think I feel one bit guilty about it though because I loved working side by side with some of my favorite people ever.

After the work was done (like you always say mom, "Work before play"), we had fun golfing, feeding the fish, swimming (Gimme has just learned how to swim and she feels it necessary to show anyone and everyone), Toy Story 3, and of course, Wal-Mart (who can go on vacation and actually call it a vacation without a Wal-Mart run?).

We can hardly wait for them to come to visit again. (You're coming again, right? The weeds are gone...I promise I won't make you do ANY work next time if you just promise you'll come again...sooner than later?)

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