Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finally over it...

Back in July, there was an event that took place that I forgot to write about. Now that it's over and I can finally laugh about it, I thought I should post it for Gimme's sake, so that when she is a mom, she can use this as a reference. :)

My oldest sister and her family were visiting from Oklahoma and since that's so "back-woods" they wanted to head out to the glamorous Grand Teton Mall for a little shopping experience. (I am totally kidding about the back-woods...Love you Bean family!!!) Like a fool, I tag along with my three children and NO STROLLER. That only spells disaster.

Well, Gimmee was short on sleep (as were all of us), and when she's tired, she's NUTS. As I was holding Birdie, and trying to keep a hold of Mulligan, plus keep a slight eye on another nephew that didn't want to miss the fun, Gimme took off running---AWAY from me. I kindly asked her to stop, but of course she didn't. She just got furhter and further away from me. So, I gently handed Birdie and Mulligan off to my sisters and I took off after the escapee.

Already, she was a good 100 yards in front of me, but with my speed (:)) I caught up to her, picked her up and explained she was in trouble. She went bizerk. I'm sure that if you knew someone in the mall that day, you've already heard about the little girl that was head-butting, kicking, screaming, hitting, & spitting on, her mother. That was us.

Just so the story is clear, I was calm and told her several times that if she didn't stop, she was going to get a spank when we got out to the van.

She did not stop.

So a spank she got.

Well, this man (about 30-ish) watched the episode from about the exit doors to the van. He must have seen the smoke coming out my ears and the fire in my eyes because he kept his eye right on us. After I got Gimme buckled in the van, I got in the drivers seat and was getting ready to leave, and this man came to my window.

That's right. His nose was touching my window ('bout gave me a heart attack when I saw him) and he was sigaling me to roll my window down. I didn't at first, because I was unsure if he was armed or not, or if he was going to attack me, etc. Then I remembered he watched me fight my 5-year old and figured, he knew he didn't have a chance against me, so I rolled down my window.

"Um, uh, did you just hit your child?" He asked.

I replied, "Hit? No. Spank? Yes."

He said, "Well, uh, I was just watching you and it looked like you were hitting her." As he peered though the window looking back at Gimme.

Now I was really mad. Furious in fact.

"Not that it's any of your business, but you missed the whole battle leading up to the spank. I told her it was coming..." I said, feeling like I had to justify my actions (just in case he was from child services).

So then he said, "Well, I have kids too, and I know how it gets sometimes, I just wanted to make sure."

If he knew how it gets sometimes in this household, he would have just kept on walking.


babybrazier said...

I am soooo sorry, but that story just validated me as a mom, so thank you. It's true that we love our kids, but even as I type I am thinking of a hundred different times when if someone said that to me, I would have punched them in the face. You're a good person because you let that man live.hehe

Heather said...

Nice Rachelle, I am from CPS and now I am going to have to come visit your house to make sure little Gimme is okay! First we have the deprivation of toys that are in the landfill and now this!! :) Gotta love children...they keep us humble! Heather

The Crandalls said...

You should have just said, you saw what I did to her just think what I could do to you. People just don't mind their business.

Lindsey said...

I think you handled that situation so well. I am impressed that you followed through (a lot of moms doesn't). As for that guy, he probably doesn't have kids, but thinks he has the all answers to child rearing. You're a great mom!

Larsen said...


There is a fine line of a tight rope we walk on in regards to time outs and needing a firm hand. Seems to me you have it just right. Plenty of warning, and then a follow through.

I applaud you.

I would have done the exact same thing and as to the guy, well, just laugh it off. You said it it perfectly to him as to what you could have. Least I think so.

Gallant Family said...

Yeesh! I'm glad it's over and done with. You handled it well. If you need a break, I'll take you up on your generous offer from earlier :0)

Brittney Wood said...

Holy Crap!!! You spank your children????? KIDDING! I can't believe how well you handled yourself, I don't know that I would've made it to the car before spanking mine! I would've had a whole mall full of people watching instead of one know it all, save the children, 30 something man. Oh, and the guy would've had a nice shiner to analyze for awhile!! What a jerk!

Beckypants said...

So hard. You gotta watch out for kids, right? Cause bad things happen. But when you are totally justified in what you're doing to your own... uggghhh. Just irritating. You handled it all well!