Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Saw some Snowflakes!

The weather forecast was rain mixed with SNOW, and before the first snowflake even reached the ground, Gimme and Neighbor disappeared into the bedroom to get their gear on. Oh boy.

Let's take a brief moment here to dissect this picture. First of all, poor Neighbor has her feet squished into those boots, because snow always equals boots, and for some reason, her mom didn't send her to my house with boots (no Mother of the Year Award for her... ;).

Next, it appears Gimme is a bit confused with what season it actually is. Her hat, mittens, and snow pants (and just for future generations, I would like to add that she has no pants on underneath those snow pants...she feels like the snow pants will suffice. She obviously hasn't quite caught on to the concept of "layering" just yet.) scream WINTER. However, her jacket and boots (which shall never be worn as just regular She wears them around farm animals, or in this case, for "snow" activities.) shout out AUTUMN.

Can I blame her kindergarten teacher for this one? They learn the seasons in school right...? This isn't one of those "learn at home" things, like it's appropriate to wear pants plus snow pants?

In the meantime, the flakes have vanished and it's just raining now, but the two girls are just out singing about snowmen.

Secretly I'm hoping for more sunshine for a few more least long enough for Gimme to catch on to the concept of layers!

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Hey lady! Thanks for dropping me a line and a link to your blog again! Last time I meant to add you on my list and didn't get er done! Wow, there are a lot of homey's on your list I"ll have to blog stalk to check out to see what they are up to! :)