Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Kimball!

Today is Kimball's birthday. If he were here, we would get together or at least I would call him and we would talk. I am pretty sure that we would get into one of our rounds of "Remember When".

I'd ask:

"Remember when we started the crick bank on fire?"

"Remember when we sprinted home for lunch every day in elementary school so we could eat and then sprint back to the school for recess?"

"Remember when you showed me around Eagle Rock Junior High and shared your friends with me, because I didn't know anyone?"

"Remember when you dated ALL of my friends at one time or another?"

"Remember when we were at college together and I dated ALL of your roommates?" (pay back!)

"Remember when we had that Sociology class and you mimicked our teacher to perfection while we studied for the final? We were so tired, but we were laughing our heads off."

"Remember when you went out with Jessica for the first time and I doubled with you?"

"Remember when you started talking about marrying Jessica and we stayed up super late and talked about what a great wife she would be?"

"Remember when I failed my Literature final and I came over to your apartment in tears and you stood out on the balcony with me and told me that just because I failed didn't mean I was any less of a person, and you hugged me and just let me cry on your shoulder?"

"Remember the night before James and I got married? We talked and talked about EVERYTHING till the wee hours in the morning?"

"Remember when we took that basketball class together at BYU-I and I just dropped it right in the middle of the semester because I found out I was pregnant?"

"Remember what we talked about when you told me Jessica was also pregnant and our babies were due at about the same time?"

"Remember when you talked me into walking at graduation, and even though I was so against it, I did it anyway just to hang out with you and sit with you during Elder Hollands talk?"

"Remember when you came home for the 4th of July?"

"Remember when we spent time with our whole family at Martin's Cove? It sure was hot."

"Remember when you came to our sacrament meeting before you left to drive back to N. Idaho? You passed the sacrament to our row. That was pretty special."

"Remember when as you were walking out the doors of the church, I told you I love you? It seemed a bit awkward, but I wanted you to know."

I am so glad that August has come to a close, but again, as each year passes, I'm reminded of how blessed we are to have the gospel and the knowledge of the resurrection.


Larsen said...

Stop it. I was bawling at the first two sentences. I could barely read the rest through the tears.

You have such fantastic memories of Kimball. I have such a poor memory of anything. Makes me jealous of you.

I am glad that you found me and my blog. I hope you are well. It's fun that we have Dana as a friend, isn't it!

Yes, I take a few photos now and then, but really, I don't have that many talents. There is lots I can't do! my photography blog has most of my photos, if you want to see...


there is a link on my side bar. I would happily shoot your sweet kids....cute nicknames! Birdie is so cute and little!


Anonymous said...

Hey stranger, thanks for the comment on my blog. You have a cute little family yourself!! Hope all is well with you guys. Life is good for us, we are expecting baby number 3 next week and living in UT. What about you?