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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mom vs. Toys: Round 2

Because I was planning to go to the dump today to take a load of trash that was in the back of the pickup from a cleaning project I recently finished, I was feeling great about things, because I was so on the ball. I gathered up all our own household trash to take too. Well, Gimme saw her bag of "left out toys" in the truck and wanted them. (You see, I put the bag of toys in the back of the truck so that Gimme would think that I really was going to toss them, and then she'd try harder to keep the toys picked up when she was done playing with them.) I told her she still couldn't have them because this morning she emptied out the toys she had in her bedroom and didn't want to clean those up.

Anyone see a pattern here? I am really trying to teach my kids to pick up after themselves because I simply can't keep up. So far, none of my methods have been successful.

Read on my friends, read on....

Today was my first trip to Bonneville County dump, so I was a little disoriented and feeling a little bit of pressure about the system they have out there...drive onto the scale, get a number, drive into the garage thing, back up to the pit (I don't do well in reverse, so I was taking up two spots. There were 2 other trucks in there driven by men and I just know they saw me backing up crooked and were thinking I was some crazy lady...MORE PRESSURE!!!)

I tossed every bag out of the truck, which by the way was quite a feat since I didn't quite back up far enough to the pit. I had an extra 3 feet or so to heave the bags over in order for them to get to the hole.

When I was finished, I nervously hopped back into the drivers seat and headed out. Gimme was visibly upset and when I asked her why, said she didn't want the big tractor to smash her toys...

Oh shoot. The toys. I threw out the toys!!! They were long gone because I wasn't about to go through that gauntlet again.

If only I were more familiar with the dump, or maybe didn't have to drive backwards to the hole. Maybe, if those other men weren't looking at me funny, then just maybe I would have remembered not to toss the bag of toys.

It was an honest mistake, I promise.

Mom 1 Toys 1

Round 3:
Stay Tuned...


Samantha said...

How the heck are you?? And how cute are your kids! Holy smokes!! I am loving the mom vs. kids posts - I have totally been there. Guess your kids will know you mean business about the toys now, even if it was an accident. :) Oh, and you are one brave soul going to the dump by yourself! Good luck with the battle! Can't wait to hear more!

Clint, Mel & Kids said...

Oh that's so sad! And frustrating. I would have panicked and done the same thing!

Noelle and Corey said...

Both sad and hilarious. Nick and Meadow keep the kid's toys in a box in the garage and let them pick out 3 at a time to play with. They can exchange them when they're done. Zach's starting to leave his toys out too! ;o)

bcrandall said...

So I tried the same thing one day and a few hours later reagan wanted to do something and I told her she could only if she picked her toys up. She just looked at me and said just go throw them outside. She didn't quite understand but Brian thought it was hilarious. Better luck next time.

Rachel said...

you crack me up! and your kids are cute. I am still wondering how you changed all your guys names throughout the whole blog... did you do it post by post, or is there an easier way? I am thinking about doing that, but what names should I use? hehe:) Lincoln was born Aug 2nd. So almost 9 months. Also, I don't know how to link to facebook but I know Linda does it so maybe ask her.

Rachel said...

Oh, don't worry about Kenzi not crawling yet. From things I have read and other friends, some kids don't even crawl, they just start walking one day, so maybe that will be her. Lincoln started to walk with a push toy yesterday, he only gets a few steps in before he falls on his knees but he is getting there. I bet one day out of the blue Kenzi will just walk.