Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mom vs. Toys

A couple of days ago, I spent ALL day cleaning the house, including the basement. Since then, I have been begging (o.k. nagging) my kids to put away their stuff to keep the house clean. Well, this afternoon, I went downstairs and about lost it. Every toy, ball, dress up, etc. was out on the floor--scattered everywhere!

I had made threats before about throwing away all of the toys downstairs because the kids never want to really "play" with them, they just want to make a mess with them. So in my fury, I grabbed a trash bag and started throwing everything in. Gimme cared about 2 things, so she put them away and then she watched me bag the rest. She didn't think I would really throw away the toys.

Boy, I showed her! She was going to learn a lesson today!

A few hours later, I cooled down a bit and went to make a call on my cell phone. Unfortunately, my phone was no where to be found. I called it from the home phone and suddenly the bag of toys/garbage started ringing.

While I was shoving the toys in the bag, my phone slipped out of my sweatshirt pocket. Of course it was at the bottom of the bag, requiring me to take out the toys in order to reach my phone. As I did, Gimme was sneaking around, taking the toys and putting them away...or at least getting them away from the trash!

Fine. The toys stay another day!

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