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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Photo Shoot

This no picture blog is so boring to look at, I can hardly stand it! With Christmas coming up, I'll bet it will be no surprise to anyone what we're including in our letter to Santa! Until then, I'll try to post some video of exciting events!

In the meantime, we went and got our family pictures taken yesterday and everything went fine except Mulligan wouldn't put his golf club down (yeah sure, it's cute at first, but for family pictures, I think it's a little much.) when we took it away and tried to get him to be still for a picture, he just screamed his little head off. (You'd think we were dropping him off at nursery!) When we tried to get a picture of all 3 kids together, Gimme decided midway through she was done holding Birdie, so she let go of her and Birdie flopped all over, and started crying, so we were 2 for 3 on crying children. At that point, we called it a day.

There were some, however, that turned out so cute! So, you can see them at http://candiceharrisphotography.blogspot.com Candice did an awesome job of getting our kids to be still for the family pictures and she saved the day with Smarties!! For anyone in the area looking to get photos done, I highly recommend Candice, she did great!

(Hey, that is free advertising...should I get a discount for that? :)


Clint, Mel & Kids said...

Your family pictures turned out so cute!! Candace did do a very good job!

Candice Harris said...

Ha ha! Your kids were totally fine! Spencer was adorable with his golfing, and Kenzi....what a trooper! She was sooo good! Well, thanks for the free advertising, but I think I did give you a discount!! :) Family pictures, always an adventure, for sure!