Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is Ace and this is my first time using this blog. I just wanted to get some opinions on something that I am thinking of doing. I am thinking of becoming a helicopter pilot. I have always wanted to fly since I was little and there is an opportunity for me to do this here in Idaho Falls while still keeping my current job and completing the course in about 1 year. There is a shortage of pilots right now for the amount of jobs out there. This is will continue to get bigger as the Vietnam pilots will be retiring in the next few years. The training company will also hire me after I am done so I can get more flight hours while getting paid to do it. One draw back to this is that it will cost around $80,000 to do. I look at it as an investment in my future just like anyone else that spends that much or more to go to college. I would really appreciate it if anyone that reads this would leave a comment on what they think of this Idea whether it be good or bad.


Troy & Cherlyn said...

James, I think it's a great idea, go for your dreams and go for what makes you happy, that is what Our Father in Heaven wants most of all, for us to have Joy!! and have joy in our work, in supporting our families!! way to go man, I think it's a good, no, no, no a GREAT decision, just don't forget that you need to get your PGA also, so we can buy some land build a course and buy some golf carts and rake in the money with a sand wedge!! hahahah!! Than take people heli-skiing in the winter time! Hey go to this site, and sign up and post all the scores you can remember to get a legit handicap for this upcoming golf tourney, set yourself up with a yahoo ID and your dad, so you can go post your scores each time you play. I have one currently with a 4.9 handicap. later.


Candice Harris said...

I think that is definitely something that the two of you will have to pray about together.... That being said, 80,000 smackers!!! That is a lot of money! I guess a question I have, though, is if you were flying helicopters, would you be traveling and away from home a lot? Coming from someone with a husband that travels a lot for work, take it from me, it is so HARD on me and the kids! Also from a wife's point of view, it would make me nervous because it sounds a little dangerous!

Noelle and Corey said...

Wow. After having spent about $180K on my schooling, Corey and I can both vouch that such a huge debt is also a huge burden, even if it is educational. It really marries you to your job for many years- you don't really get the choice to back out once you make that kind of commitment. A general guideline is not to spend more on your education than you would make at that profession in about 1-2 years, or you will have a hard time ever paying off your loans. I have no idea how much helicopter pilots make, so this may be feasible. I definitely think it's important to do what you love, but you have to account for how it will affect your family emotionally and financially for life.
I'll have Corey put in his 2 cents too. Good luck with your decision!

Robert said...

James, I just got to y'all's b-log through your wife's facebook deal. I couldn't find you on there... Congratulations on your first post, man. I post sometimes, it's kind of fun.

Flying helicopters sounds awesome! I don't know if I have much to add right now because at first thought, all I can think of is how awesome it would be. I know that's not a real picture of how it would really be, but it definitely sounds awesome.

I have one buddy that's working towards being a fixed-wing commercial pilot and another that's a blackhawk pilot in the reserves. I'll get their thoughts.


michael alexander said...

James, I concur with what Noelle says below, but somewhere in the mix one has to follow their dreams. If it's meant to be then the financing and other things will fall into place. If you love your work you won't work a day in your life because it will be your life, not a job. Many end up reporting to a job instead of living their life and their dreams. Flying choppers was what I set out to do originally but there were too many doors closed and my life's "window" was also rapidly closing down for that quest. Again, Noelle's advice is sound. I hope you're able to make it happen or find something you like or love very much to do. I stumbled onto your blog through Noelle and Corey's. Sincerely, Mike (the Dad) Alexander