Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Mall

I love autumn.  I love the hoodies, the football, the leaves, the crisp, cool weather...all of it.  It is my favoite time of year.  

Raking leaves in my parents back yard is part of the reason I love this season so much!!  So. Many. Leaves.  It's become a tradition to go and rake/play in the leaves.  

I am a little OCD when it comes to these leaves.  I rake a line in the leaves and the kids can have about half of the leaves to rake into a pile, and then jump in the pile, and scatter them all over again.  I take the other side and rake the leaves into piles that I take care of.  When I'm done with my side, and move to the kids side, play time is over.  Suprisingly, it still takes twice as long to clean up the kids half of the yard.  ;)

Other autumn adventures included a trip to the mall.  I didn't know that "going to the mall" was still a thing. I thought that was just something teenagers did back in my day.  Apparently I thought wrong, but I'm still not a fan.  What is so cool about that place?

Gimme missed out on a mall adventure with her friends one weekend and she was not happy about it.  So, instead of going to a school dance, I convninced her to take a little mall trip with me and the twins.  (Is it obvious that I was purposely trying to keep her away from the jr. high dance??)  I'm sure she would have had a more enjoyable time at the mall with her friends, but until I've got mall security working for me, Gimme is going to have to learn to love the mall with mom.

See what a hip mom I am?  I would bet big money that if she had gone with her friends, she would have taken a picture here.  I can be cool too.  HA!

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