Thursday, August 25, 2016

1st Day 2016-17

Welp.  The first day of school came and went and we all survived.  Gimme rocked her first day of Jr. High, and only got lost once.  She thinks she's going to love school this year.  

Birdie was super excited about her first day, but was disappointed that there will be no homework.  Only reading books and Scootpad.  She's already making sure she stays in first place.  Mulligan was the same way last year.  Hated coming in second for anything.

Mulligan has lots of great kids in his class, including his BFF, so he's ready for anything.  

I'm hoping this momentum stays with us for longer than the first week.

On a side note, I got a killer deal on their Nike shoes.  And...Mulligan's shirt is my favoite.  I want one that says the same thing that I can wear.  It says NIKE or NOTHING.

(We're back to Nike backpacks too. Phew!)

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