Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Break—General Conference.

I don’t know why I can never find time to sit down and record all the funny things that happen, or that my kids say.  I guess I’ll blame it on the laundry since I seem to always be doing it.  Nonetheless, here is a quick synopsis of the last month:

Spring Break: We mostly stayed home and played with our cousins from Oregon, and then we went to Winnemucca to see our other cousin get baptized.  Birdie loves her Uncle H.  She was happy to help make the punch for lunch!IMAG0051IMAG0052


Bogey has been working so hard in physical and speech therapies.  He has finally mastered the art of pedaling.  He loves, LOVES his therapists so much.  It is a highlight of his week to work with them; it makes taking him so easy for me.



Double Bogey and his cousin look and act so much alike, it seems that they should have been the twins…they got along so well.  I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again.  I love that my children have cousins for best friends.


When I found out I was pregnant with my first son, I panicked a little because I realized I would have to deal with scouting.  Then I decided I shouldn’t worry, because certainly by the time he reached that age, the world would have ended.


Here we are.  Mulligan’s first Pinewood Derby.     IMAG0074 IMAG0075 IMAG0076 IMAG0077 IMAG0097IMAG0079 He loved racing his “sports” car, and he can hardly wait for next year.


We cashed in on our street’s Easter egg hunt.  Yep.  All those kids live within a few houses of each other.  I LOVE IT!  They all play so well together too.  Such a bonus.


My two little boys have graduated from the “terrible twos” into the “threatening threes”—you know where you make empty threats, and count to three?  Yeah,  we’re at that stage.  I’m a little rusty on threats—I can’t ever come up with good enough ones that actually make those boys fear.  I’m working on it though.

IMAG0090 IMAG0091

We try to make LDS General conference a big deal in our family.  We want our kids to look forward to hearing the words of the living prophet.  This time, I sent them on a treasure hunt.  Each clue led them to an activity that they could do while listening to the matching apostle’s talk.  So for instance, the bag of play dough had Elder Bednar's picture on it.  So when Elder Bednar spoke, they played with play dough. 

For my reference, I’m posting the clues.

Again that time of year is here--

when words of our prophet are spoken clear.

Around the house, you will find

tools to help you keep those words in mind.

Our prophet has a special gift--he can wiggle his ears!

Find a gift by a wheel that steers.

President Eyring is a Monson's right hand man.

Find his activity by the van!

Presient Uchtdorf knows how to fly a plane.

Find your next clue where we wash clothes with stains!

Elder Boyd K. Packer loves birds, and taught seminary

Find the next activity in a tree.

Elder L. Tom Perry Knows how to work hard.

Your next clue is by the tools for the yard.

Elder Russell M. Nelson did surgeries on the heart.

The thing you are looking for is by the water called SMART!

Elder Dallin H. Oaks has a motto: "Work hard Play later".

Something to do while he speaks is where we can build your own "tater"!

Elder M. Russell Ballard loves golfing like dad.

If you look by the clubs, you won't be sad.

Elder Richard G. Scott was born in Pocatello--a town close by

As you look for a special activity, don't jump to high!

Elder Robert D. Hales and Grandpa Hart lived in the same New York town--

Your next activity is on a chair that is brown.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is a major sports loving guy.

A treat for you is in the same place as ingredients for pie.

Elder David A. Bednar was president at BYU-I when mom and dad went there.

Your next activity is on a stair.

Elder Quentin L. Cook loves singing the primary songs.

Something "Fun to Do" is near the ding-dong.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson will always be special to our family.

Something great can be found where we start scripture study.

Elder Neil L. Andersen is unique. 4 Languages he can speak!

If you want fun, near the hoop you should seek.

The real treasure can be heard

through the Holy Ghost and the prophet's spoken word.

Listen carefully, be as quiet as you can be.

Now go set up in front of the TV!


I am excited to continue studying the words from conference.  I love the spirit that conference brings into our home.




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