Sunday, March 15, 2015


From January through February, every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, if anyone was looking for us, we were at the gym.  Mulligan and Birdie were playing on city league basketball teams.

Birdie’s team was all K-1st Grade girls, taking their first shot at basketball.  They really did improve in a short amount of time.  Next year is going to be fun!

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Mulligan and his team have come a long way!  They did so great.  Mulligan has gained quite a bit of confidence in himself thanks to lots of hours in the driveway, and even more hours watching NBA.  During one of his first games, he dribbled down and swished it over the little boy who was guarding him.  I watched him stare down the little boy the entire time down to the other end of the court, with his arms out to his side, mouthing “Where were you on that?” The poor little defender.  He didn’t know if Mulli was joking or if he was serious, and he didn’t know where to look….

Needless to say we had good visit about humility. 

It really paid off because a few games later, I shouted to Mulligan to find someone else open and pass it to him (We’ve also been learning about ball hogs).  He glances over at me, shoots the ball, and—swish!  As he’s back pedaling past me he shrugs his shoulders and says, “I guess the hoop was open!”

It was so fun coaching the kids.  Mulligan’s teammates are his very best friends.  I love basketball and I love watching my kids love it.  I can hardly wait until next September when we start again!

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