Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day Late, Dollar Short

Here we are into a new year, and there are things I haven’t recorded from 2014.  My poor, poor, posterity.  I’m usually a day late and a dollar short. 

Nonetheless, here’s what was so important in 2014, that I’m documenting in 2015.

Some of the neighborhood kids put on their own pre-Christmas performance.  There was singing, piano playing, and dancing.  Quite a program.

ATT_1421607607894_IMAG1516 IMAG1514

Ace and I celebrated another year of wedded bliss--


That brings us to the total of 12 years.

Double Bogey spent lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa Hart laying on the floor watching The Price is Right, or their Christmas train, that traveled around their Christmas tree.


Bogey hardly had a potato chip while we were in Hawaii, but as soon as we got home, he made up for lost bags.

IMAG1786Plain yellow Lays.  I’m still trying to decide if that’s better than Cheeto’s…

When he’s not sleeping with his bag of chips, he’s a great helper with the laundry.   IMAG1789 We had a great time taking a visit to Arbon to see Kimball’s daughter in the school play.  She makes a remarkable Mrs. Claus!  Oh how we love Makenna.  It’s always so fun to see her and spend time with her. 


Our 2014 went out with a bang, and a New Year’s Eve party to remember.  Ryan and Christa hosted this year, and no matter the occasion, getting together with my siblings is hilarious.  So, posterity, remember that.  I may be late, but man, I’ve got funny siblings.  You better cross your fingers you get those genes! 

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Luke said...

Rachelle, that's so great to see a picture of Makenna. She is so big! Thanks for sharing.