Monday, January 27, 2014

Watch It!

Well, I’m so glad we got watches for the three older kids. 

On the way to school today, we were rushing just a bit (as in, we’d get there right on time if we didn’t get any red lights), and as each minute passed, each child was sure to report the time, and then either Gimme or Mulligan would do the math and inform me of how much time we had to get to the school--as if I wasn’t feeling enough pressure.

Just a few blocks from the school, there  was a train.  While we were waiting, the kids kept their eyes on their watches.  I took a second (ok, fine, it was 6 seconds—thank you Birdie for timing me—) to snap a picture.



Luckily, the wait for the train was short lived, and we made it to school just in time for to hear the bell as they walked through the front doors.

If the excitement of the new watches doesn’t wear off soon, I’m going to have to a) synchronize the time down to the second on all 3 devices; and b) set their alarms for about 10 minutes earlier, so we can leave earlier.  Driving to school under that kind of pressure is not healthy for anyone!

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