Friday, December 13, 2013

The World through Birdie’s eyes

Birdie always makes me laugh internally (I can’t laugh out loud around her, or else she thinks I’m laughing AT her).  When she talks, she just spews whatever she thinks, never taking a moment to think of the right word, or whatever. 


**We were at the store, and I was looking for dill pickles—the little guys, you know?—since they have become an “anytime” favorite.  Birdie was helping me, and we couldn’t find them anywhere.  She told me to go ask the “wukuh” (worker) to come help us find the “reg-lee-uh” (regular) pickles. 

**While she was playing with her Minnie Mouse toy, she found the bow she was looking for.  Birdie said, “Yes!  I finally found it.  Now Minnie can be a ‘dance recital-uh’ “.  That’s what Birdie wants to be too—a dance recital-uh. 

**I lead (and I use that term loosely) the music in primary at church, for the children that are 3-7.  Birdie views that position, as one that holds a lot of power.  She requested that we sing “Jolly ol’ St. Nicholas” as part of our 20 minute singing time.  I explained to her,  and her brother and sister, why that song wouldn’t really be appropriate for church.  My explanation was met with “weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth”  so to speak.  Birdie exclaimed, “That’s why church is so boring!  We never get to sing Jolly ol’ St. Nicholas!”  Huh. And I’ve always thought it was the high council speakers!  (Ha!  I’m kidding.  Just a little Mormon humor there.)

**We were out driving in the hills with our kids, and from where we were, you could see a lot of the lights in the city.  Ace and I assumed everyone was sleeping because it was so quiet, when all of the sudden Birdie pipes up and says, “I can see the whole ‘wheeld’ (world) from here!”  Yeah.  Idaho Falls is kind of the same thing as the whole world.  It’s pretty big. ;)

I can see the whole world!

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