Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I’m not going to lie…I’ve never loved science.  I didn’t get much from my science class in high school, because I was too busy laughing and goofing off with Jake and Scott.  In college, my time in science classes (mainly geolo*gag*gy) was spent trying to become BFF’s with the smart kids in the class, so that I could use their notes to study.  

So, when Gimme came home from school a few weeks ago and told me she had to do a science project for school, I panicked (I’m sure that surprises no one).  However, I about cried (from relief) when she told me she had paired up with her friend, and they were working on a project about the solar system.  I figured that would be easy enough for the two of them to figure out (on their own—remember?  Me + Science = no). 

When the mother of Gimme’s friend called me to set up a time for the girls to get together to work on their project outside of school, I assumed Gimme was just goofing off during science time (like mother, like daughter?) and not getting the work done.  But, after seeing the project in progress, I knew right away these girls (including the friend’s mom) are waaaayyy smarter than me—and more creative too. 

Since most of the project was being overseen and assisted by the friend’s mom, I knew I needed to pitch in and help out too.  My job was to type up the information the girls found on each planet.  (I threw in a little research of my own here and there to make the paragraphs equal in length.)  I was so impressed with the whole project and it was fun to see it on display at the school with a big fat blue ribbon.  They did so well. 

solar system

It almost made me want to re-take a science class.

Not quite, but almost.

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