Sunday, April 21, 2013

129 Viking Dr. #105

*My first adventure living on my own

*My first DTR (Define the Relationship) discussion

*My first (of many, many) major CRAM session

*My first fight (I swung and missed—another story for another day.)

*Sharing clothes and shoes with someone not related to me.  (Who needs the mall when you can go across the hall?)

*My first attempt at caring for a pet (actually just assisting in the care.  So, technically, it wasn’t all my fault the goldfish died within just a few days.)

*My first (and only) successful gig as ‘Matchmaker”.


These and many other memories come flooding into my mind when I think about my days at Heritage Manor #105.  That is where I lived during my first two years of college.  I don’t have any negative recollections (aside from the stench of sautéing onions and cabbage filling the apartment before sunrise—another story for another day) of my days at Ricks College, I just know, that somehow I lucked out and got the best roommates in the complex (two years in a row, I might add…).  These girls became my favorite people in the world (and they still are).

So, you can imagine my excitement, when one of my roommates, Nichole, contacted me (I LOVE Facebook) and told me she was in the area for a visit!  It had been about 13ish years since we had seen each other, or talked to each other!  It was so fun to get together with her and catch up!  She hasn’t changed that much since our days in the 105—she is still just as friendly and happy as ever. 

Nichole, and I had some really fun adventures.  One time, Stephanie (our other comrade/roommate)  and I went undercover as journalists for the yearbook, or newspaper, or something, so that we could get a picture of Nichole’s latest crush, to put on a sweatshirt for her (Hey, you know my motto has always been, “If you love it, wear it”).  We showed up to his apartment and did some interview with him (the details are vague, but Steph and I thought it was ingenious.  We got the picture, and the guy didn’t suspect a thing).

After Nichole’s goldfish died, she wasn’t the least bit offended when I hung them in her room as decoration (she just turned around and hung them an inch from my nose one night as I was sleeping.  So after a 10 minute investigation in the pitch black, touching, squishing, smelling, etc. you can imagine my disgust and surprise when I got the idea to turn the light on…).

When Nichole refused to be set up on a blind date with a guy I knew from my religion class, I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands.  I invited the guy over to our apartment when I knew Nichole would be there.  When he came over, I introduced them, and suddenly I had some important thing come up, and I had to go.  Obviously, they got along fine, and now they have been married for 13 years.  (I’ll take a trophy for that. ;)

I hope we don’t let another 13 years pass before we get together again!


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