Sunday, January 20, 2013


The other night, I was rocking my babies, and Bogey fell right to sleep.  Double Bogey, did not.  He fussed, tossed and turned, kicked, and wiggled.  Finally, after a while, he rested his head on Bogey and wha-la!  Fast asleep.

I was pinned to the chair.

Oddly enough, it felt a little deja vu.

It reminded me of the times when I was pregnant and I was pinned in the chair, getting kicked and beat from the inside, and too huge to move or get up.

Suddenly, I felt very claustrophobic.

But I couldn’t do anything about it,  I did not want to disturb this sweetness:



The next morning, I walked into my bedroom to the sound of laughing and saw this:


Bogey was doing his best to get Mulligan to try his toes…Mulligan couldn’t stop laughing.



I think that these two should have been the twins.   They have so many similar features.


I love my boys.


Noelle and Corey said...

They seriously are twinners--just born at different times!! Sweet photos, though!!We love those kiddos!

Justin and Kristin said...

I love those pictures!!

Joni said...

This melted my heart! So SWEET!